The city of ebern renovates the “cultural corner

the city of ebern renovates the 'cultural corner

The meeting of the ebern city council on thursday evening in the care building of the elementary school was quickly over. Some contracts were awarded, such as the planning for the supporting structure of the former xaver mayr property at the corner of spitaltor and knitter-von schmittstrabe.

The building houses the gallery of the burgerverein ebern. Exhibitions are held there and a small photo museum of the ebern photo club is housed there. The house is being renovated by the owner, the city of ebern. In its meeting, the city council awarded the contract for the structural design to an engineering firm from hofheim for the bid amount of 29,400 euros. “The award is necessary so that we can submit an application for claims. Apartments for asylum seekers are also to be built in the xaver mayr estate”, announced mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD).

A basic decision for the program “inside instead of outside is to be grasped annually, as the mayor explained on another point. From it additional demand funds of up to 20 per cent depend, which give it to other demand funds in addition. The program supports the effort to keep the inner places alive or to revitalize them. In the resolution, the planned measures must be explained in detail, such as advisory services or approaching the owners of vacant buildings in order to use them again.

The lidl store on carl-benz-strabe in ebern is to be expanded. In order to be able to realize the project, a project-related urban land-use plan is required by the district office. An engineering firm from bamberg was commissioned with this planning with the bid amount of 31,000 euro.

The works for facade construction of the day care center in the albrecht-durer-strabe in ebern were awarded. Offers were received in the amount of 238 800 to 434 200 euros. The contract was awarded to a company from salt in the rhon about 238 800 euros. The cost calculation had been 189 500 euro. Work is progressing well there, said the mayor.

An agreement was reached with the rdj rummelsberger dienste on the operation of the daycare center in ebern at the former vocational school and on its operation in the new building once it has been completed. "We have dealt in detail with the selection of the contractor", said hennemann.

The mayor announced that there was a request from the young list asking for information on the current status of the access road to the mannlehn-nord construction area. A request for expansion cannot yet be made, as the state road construction office in schweinfurt does not see any need for this in the next ten years, said the mayor. A concrete time period can therefore not be named and also the financial situation of the city does not allow this at present. "What we could do, we did", said jurgen hennemann.

The delivery times at the recycling center in ebern will change because of the introduction of the yellow garbage can. The days remain the same, only the times are slightly reduced. This is valid from january 2020.

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