The new head of training is looking forward to great potential

The new head of training is looking forward to great potential

The wiesentheider start the new season with a new coach. However, thomas latteier is no stranger to the district. After coaching abtswind for just over two years and bayern kitzingen for four years, he retired not only from the county but also from coaching for more than three years to drive his talented son to nurnberg for training and games. "Since tim has been playing for the u19 juniors for the past year and now lives there, that was out of the question," says the 50-year-old.

The call from wiesentheid came as a surprise, says latteier about the contact. Before that, he had ended his second term as coach at bamberger kreisklassisten burghaslach after only three months for sporting reasons and actually wanted to take a break. "I looked at three games and realized that there was a lot of potential here," latteier says, citing one argument. He can also identify with the return to the wiesentheider way, which is to bring as many talents as possible from the own youth into the first team. "There is not only an idea, but it is also being implemented consistently. Six to seven players are currently in their first or second year in the men’s team," he points out.

The task of giving young players additional skills and improving them as a result appealed to him. In addition, the team also includes older players such as christian enzbrenner, alexander ruppert and martin seitz. "I still know them from my time in kitzingen. With their experience, they can take the young players by the hand," says latteier. He still doesn’t see the team achieving his goal of playing offensive, possession-oriented football. However, just five weeks of preparation have passed. "The team has to get used to its new coach first, and i have to get used to the team," he sees no hurry in this process to present results already on the first matchday.

Mistakes, due to the youthfulness, are allowed, but should not get out of hand, so as not to jeopardize the season’s goal of staying in the class. "We have to internalize more how to win possession and hit fewer long balls," latteier noted in the preparation games against district league team rottendorf (2:3) and district league teams altfeld (2:2), schwarzach (3:0) and oberschwappach (1:2). The three players, kai-uwe beuerlein, valentin vogel and martin griebmann, all from the team’s own youth, made a "very good impression" on the trainer. The dark squad could become a problem. Nominally, latteier pays 18 players for the first team, with three to four not being able to be there on a regular basis.

To estimate the bezirksliga, falls latteier heavily. He still knows some of the names from back then, but the teams have changed considerably over the years. However, he expects a balanced league. "Last season, we were not sure of staying in the league until shortly before the end", weib latteier. He would prefer to avoid such a scenario in order to be able to continue the wiesentheider way in the district league.

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