325.900 Mini-jobs lost in the hospitality industry alone

325.900 mini-jobs lost in the hospitality industry alone

In the wake of the corona pandemic, some 325,900 mini-jobs were lost in the hospitality industry alone by the end of june, according to surveys by the reporting office for low-wage employment.

This is a drop of almost 36 percent compared to the same period last year, according to data from the minijobzentrale (minijob agency), which was requested and analyzed by sabine zimmermann, a member of the bundestag for the left. The figures are available to the redaktionsnetzwerk deutschland and dpa.

Accordingly, almost 184.000 minijobs lost in restaurants and other hospitality establishments alone. In absolute figures, the economic services sector followed with a slump of 96.116 minijobs, the trade sector (minus 73.641) and the manufacturing sector (minus 70.181). Overall, the number of minijobbers nationwide is reported to have fallen by 837.004 decreased. In june 2020, there were a good 12 percent fewer than in june 2019. One in eight minijobs lost. Due to the high fluctuation in the minijob sector, zimmermann says that both terminated employment contracts and employment contracts that have not been started contribute to the decline.

The hospitality industry was particularly hard hit by the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, especially in spring. Between march and june alone, the catering industry recorded sales losses of 17.6 billion euros compared to the previous year, according to the dehoga industry association. In the first half of the year as a whole, unemployment fell by almost 40 percent compared with the same period last year. The opening of many catering establishments in the summer has brought a return to normality. Despite the loosening of the regulations, however, the industry is not in the clear. With autumn, colder temperatures and rising infection figures, concerns are growing there.

"The corona pandemic has drastically proven that minijobs are not a secure form of employment," zimmermann told the RND. "They are the first to go in the crisis."The labor market policy spokeswoman for the left-wing parliamentary group added that mini-jobs do not entitle people to short-time allowances or unemployment benefits: "this now affects hundreds of thousands of people."Such a situation must not be repeated. "That’s why mini-jobs must be converted into employment subject to social insurance contributions," demanded zimmermann. The federal government must present a corresponding law as soon as possible.

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