“Gimcrack” already performed with schafer heinrich

"The 21. March 2009 was a bizarre evening", remembers drummer christian jarothe from stadtsteinach. "We played the supporting program at the deuber dance center in modschiedel for the singing farmer, who sang his schafer song. The numerous fans, among them quite a few of mature age, arrived by bus. When we opened our program with hard rock numbers, the dance floor in front of the stage was empty."

The musicians did the only right thing in this situation: they played quieter songs. The cover rockers have not regretted sharing the stage with the tv star to this day. You experienced the hype that surrounded schafer heinrich at the time firsthand. Sangerin suse maue remembers heinrich gersmeier, as the farmer is known by his burger name, as a very sublime and likeable contemporary: "without any stardom, he roused the audience to storms of enthusiasm."

But even about "gimcrack" even there is a lot to learn.

Cover rock bands are often a regionally diverse bunch, with individual members coming from a wide variety of places and counties. That’s when the septet makes "gimcrack no exception. In 2008, christian jarothe from stadtsteinach joined the band, whose members are mainly from the forchheim and nurnberg area.

And that happened like this: "a technician of the group at that time had found out that the band ‘united’, in which i was drumming at that time, had broken up." The recommendation of his friend was the gateway to the party rock ensemble "gimcrack" for the man from stadtsteinach.

The chemistry was right from the very first rehearsal, said a unanimous voice from the good-humored group of musicians, who were sitting backstage in the small arts pub "nepomuk" in altenkunstadt made comfortable before a concert.

Jarothe comes from the indie rock scene in kulmbach, used to play with bands like "C. Hauser", "T(h)reee", "artwork and "goethe’s heirs. For the man from stadtsteinach, who was in the mood for a change of musical scenery, it was a big change to play in a cover band? "But for sure. If you make your own music, then that’s your baby. With a cover band, on the other hand, the music is interchangeable." With your own compositions you have to rehearse a lot more. With a cover band, it is often enough to rehearse a new piece during the sound check before the concert, explains the drummer.

The number of concerts as well as the radius of the venues is much larger in such a group. "In our best times we played up to 70 concerts with gimcrack", reports suse maue.

At the same time, the musicians do not hide the fact that money plays a certain role in a cover band.

"If you drive up to 150 kilometers to a gig, then the pay should be right" said jurgen hennemann, says the singer. The times, when many a coverrock musician flirted with a professional career, belong to the past. At "gimcrack this was never the case, but even the members of this band think back to the good old days with nostalgia. More and more editions and the current trend towards cheaper DJ parties have led to the waning of the cover rock wave, the musicians agree.

All fans of handmade music, they hope that the lean years will soon be followed by fatter ones.

Whether katschenreuther winterkerwa, kleinkunstkneipe "nepomuk", etc or folschnitzer zeltkerwa – the group is still doing well. The party rockers have been sailing on the road to success for twelve years now.
What is the secret of their success? Christian jarothe: "we don’t pretend, we just play what we feel like playing. This makes us much more honest and natural ruber. And what’s more, our songs are in tune with the public’s taste."

Sure, because bangers like "cry for love" (the doctors) "brenna tuat’s guat" (hubert von goisern) "blow me one last kiss" (pink) "somehow, somewhere, sometime" (nena) "rockin’ all over the world" (status quo) "zombie" (the cranberries) "friday I’m in love" (the cure) or "days like these" (the dead pants) are part of the program.

How to continue with the band?

This is what many fans are wondering at the moment. Sanger suse maue is expecting her second baby. When their daughter maelle was born three years ago, the group had bridged their front woman’s time off with guest singers. The band can imagine that again this time.
Gimcrack will definitely pass it on", calms suse maue. "With or without me. Let’s see."

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