Trouble over work contracts at daimler spreads

Trouble over work contracts at daimler spreads

"We have initiated investigation proceedings against service providers of the daimler company because of the problem of sham contracts," said a spokesman for the authority in stuttgart on thursday, confirming corresponding media reports. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the extent to which daimler committed a crime is also being investigated. But there is no investigation against the car manufacturer.

A daimler spokeswoman emphasized: "we assume that our suppliers comply with the law."However, one observes at present, how the facts develop.

The "sudwest presse" had previously reported that test drivers worked for one of the daimler service providers for hourly wages of 3.80 euros. The public prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on this. The investigation was reportedly prompted by customs investigations into illegal labor. The latter then reported the suspicion.

The carmaker has had more trouble lately with the issue of work contracts: at the beginning of the month, the labor court in stuttgart ruled that daimler employed two IT experts under sham work contracts.

Independently of this, the dax company came under criticism because, according to SWR, it employs people who have to supplement their salaries with hartz IV through work contracts on the fugitives. The carmaker had contradicted the broadcaster’s portrayal at the time.

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