3 Branch banks that haven’t missed the online transformation!

In the age of technology, digitalization is spreading in all areas. Whether in our personal or business lives, in factories or offices, online activity plays an important role in our lives. Worldwide, internet use is rising steadily: the estimated number of people who are active online was around 3.9 billion in 2018. Forecasts call for an increase to around 4.14 billion by 2021. The people's republic of china has the most online users per capita of population, followed by india and the united states. Germany ranks 8th.


1. Importance of digitalization for financial institutions

2. Targobank, commerzbank and postbank: 3 progressive financial institutions

1. Importance of digitalization for financial institutions

If financial institutions are to successfully seize the opportunities of digitization, a reorientation in strategy, organization and operations is required. There are some banks that have so far failed to meet their customers' growing desire to handle financial transactions online. This is especially true for taking out loans, which is now often possible online even with debt . Interested parties still have to appear on the spot to negotiate borrowing money.

Many financial institutions do not want to admit that digitalization has already reached the banking sector with full force. This puts them at risk of having part of their core business taken out of their hands. Already today, providers from outside the industry are meeting the customer needs of the generation that has grown up with the internet more cost-effectively and better.

2. Targobank, commerzbank and postbank: 3 progressive financial institutions

As far as digital banking is concerned, german financial institutions are losing ground to their foreign counterparts. Among the frontrunners are spain, switzerland and the united kingdom. However, there are also some branch banks in germany that have not missed the online transformation. Among its accomplishments is online lending. Around 10 percent of all personal loans are now taken out online. Among the pioneers are targobank , commerzbank and postbank.

And that's not all: these institutions also make it quick and easy to conduct banking transactions over the internet. Targobank, for example, provides a free app that allows customers to manage their financial affairs from any location they choose. At any time you can check your account balance and movements. Other benefits of online banking at targobank include:

  • The online security guarantee that provides one hundred percent security for all actions free of charge.
  • The digital targobank budget book with automatic categorization and graphical presentation of income and expenses.
  • On the smartphone, easytan eliminates the need for traditional TAN entry.
  • Fingerprint sensor can be used to log in together with the password.
  • The money to go service helps you get a quick and safe overview of your financial space.
  • Video identification is available for customers who wish to apply online for a loan, a current account, a trader financing or a securities account.

At commerzbank, 1.3 million customers already use the banking app. A transfer takes an average of 10 seconds, often less. A very personal approach to customer concerns. Customers can call from the app, which means they are already authenticated and direct help can be provided. The banking app is available in both english and german, which is an advantage for our foreign-speaking fellow citizens. In addition, push notifications are received, which are communicated by the so-called account alarm. Opening an account at girobank is also very simple. You can choose from the following:

  • Free checking account with a monthly cash inflow of at least 700 euro.
  • Classic account, with no mandatory minimum deposit and low account maintenance fees of 6.90 euros.
  • Premium account, which includes, for example, insurance coverage, a credit card, two checking cards, and free cash withdrawals at home and abroad.

Just as with targobank, a loan can be taken out via the internet at any time. Digitally, this works quickly, easily and securely. Apply for any type of loan from the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of paperwork. An immediate commitment to the conditions is made in a few moments. And if the conditions are met, the desired amount is available in the account within a few working days.

Postbank has also adapted to the age of digitalization. In banking & brokerage, accounts and deposits can be accessed around the clock from a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. A clear structure and simple navigation make it easy to use. The digital service and security procedure are subject to the latest and highest standards. Even logging on to banking & brokerage is doubly secured – firstly by the access data and secondly by legitimation via one of the security procedures. Postbank has repeatedly received an award as the "safest online bank". Also beneficial are:

  • The bestsign app for easy order approval via fingerprint, password or facial recognition.
  • The european identity platform verimi, which provides access to digital services across numerous industries.
  • The credit potential service through which customers can find out their financial scope at postbank in just a few steps.
  • The possibility of topping up the prepaid cell phone card directly from the current account.
  • The automatic signaling of incoming SMS or e-mails indicating account movements or the new account balance.

In summary, all 3 branch banks convince with excellent online services and are therefore trend-setting. Customers can apply for banking products such as checking accounts and loans online without spending a lot of time, and do their banking securely and conveniently from home. With these offers, the institutions have taken a big step in digitalization and the banks' customers can benefit from these conduits.

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