Bischofsheim youth demands a skate park

Bischofsheim youth demands a skate park

"Similar to the facility in bad neustadt next to the triamare", explains leonhard bott. "In many places there are skateparks, only in bischofsheim not. A facility like this is a social meeting place for young people, and that’s what we’re missing here", he explained the situation to the mayor. He himself likes to ride a BMX bike, but it is not possible to always drive to bad neustadt to use the facility. "It must be possible for us to have such an installation in bischofsheim."

The flow trail for mountain bikers at the neustadt house, which was realized this year through the kreuzberg alliance, encouraged him to make a push towards a skate and BMX facility. "Such a flowtrail is great, we could use it in bischofsheim and now a skate and BMX park would also be great."

In the summer the thoughts became concrete and leonard bott put out signature lists in bischofsheim’s shops, talked to the neighbors and young people on the bus on the way to school in bad neustadt. The response has been very good from the very beginning. "I had not expected that at all." So he began to research more closely what would be necessary to prepare a place accordingly. He got in touch with a specialist company on the internet and found out about the costs of elements such as a halfpipe, ramps and more. Burgermeister udo baumann was enthusiastic about the commitment and the professional preparation.

Leonard bott has already thought about a possible location, the meadow next to the swimming pool or an area next to the planned culture and adventure center schneidmuhle could be considered. Even the site of the former "house of little wonders" could be considered, or an area on the former hoeschgelande in the commercial area querenteich.

The proposed locations are not new to burgermeister baumann. The land next to the swimming pool is conveniently located, but is used as an ice rink in the winter and as a parking lot for swimming pool guests in the summer. The site of the "house of small wonders is located between residential buildings and is therefore rather out of the question, as it is to be expected that residents will be exposed to larvae and corresponding complaints. The former hoeschgelande is too far away and therefore hardly comes into question.

A combination with the culture and experience center would be conceivable, said baumann. However, he was not able to say anything more in the near future; we will have to wait and see how the market will be structured. Leonard bott reckoned with a flatness of 24 by 14 meters. "It’s still possible to downsize." Bott is also aware that the finances, which are in the five-digit range, cannot simply be taken from the city’s coffers.