Building yard employees join the fire department

building yard employees join the fire department

"The mayor didn't tell us to do it, but we know he wants us to do it", the manager of the building yard, wolfgang schmidt, explained the reasons why the men from the building yard underwent the training.

The combination of firefighting and building yard work is already a given in many cases, schmidt continues, and will now be further strengthened by the training of the manner. The deputy commander of the fire department sandberg sebastian friedel took over the training of the five construction yard men. "Fire department and building yard benefit from cooperation", schmidt and friedel are sure. When, for example, sewers or culverts have to be reeled in, this can now be done by the fire truck from the building yard itself.

A specialist company is no longer necessary for this purpose. "At the same time, this has the advantage that the building yard workers are familiar with the pump, which in turn is necessary for fire department operations", friedel explained.

Uncomplicated material use
But also material and equipment of the building yard can be used in the future for fire department operations without any complications. Schmidt is thinking of the chain saw for removing storm damage, as well as the wheel loader or tractor. "And if we only manage traffic, we can support each other." The instruction and familiarization of the firefighters from the building yard included training on the technical equipment, instruction in the firefighting equipment house and in the firefighting vehicle. Udo kaiser is also available as a driver for the fire truck.

The schmalwasser commander christian holzheimer has already included the building yard employees in the alarm system, so that they are automatically notified by text message in the event of an operation. Working for the fire department is not linked to the working hours of the building yard, schmidt made clear. "When there's a fire, we come running." The support of the building yard is important, especially during the day, when many active firefighters are out at work. "This period can be well covered by the building yard," explains, says friedel. "We are ready to do our best. It is important that we have the fire department and that we can now support it", summarized schmidt.