“Gimcrack” already performed with schafer heinrich

"The 21. March 2009 was a bizarre evening", remembers drummer christian jarothe from stadtsteinach. "We played the supporting program at the deuber dance center in modschiedel for the singing farmer, who sang his schafer song. The numerous fans, among them quite a few of mature age, arrived by bus. When we opened our program with hard rock numbers, the dance floor in front of the stage was empty."

The musicians did the only right thing in this situation: they played quieter songs. The cover rockers have not regretted sharing the stage with the tv star to this day. You experienced the hype that surrounded schafer heinrich at the time firsthand. Sangerin suse maue remembers heinrich gersmeier, as the farmer is known by his burger name, as a very sublime and likeable contemporary: "without any stardom, he roused the audience to storms of enthusiasm."

But even about "gimcrack" even there is a lot to learn.


Joan baez stays true to folk

joan baez stays true to folk

Her bright soprano was the voice of the american protest movement. Peace marches, woodstock, mass demonstrations against the vietnam war, even in prison joan baez sang in the hope of world peace.

In the meantime, the long, black hair has become female and short. Politically she is still. But the voice, says the "queen of folk", the voice is no longer what it used to be.

The high notes no longer come as effortlessly from her lips as they once did. "It’s so hard to sing," she tells the rolling stone. Nevertheless she has recorded a new album. "Whistle down the wind" will probably be her last, she says. What surprises after these honest words: baez voice on it is by no means weak. Deeper perhaps, but powerful. Goosebumps. Joan baez has lost none of her intensity at the age of 77.


Actions for st. Gangolf

Under the motto "see – love – buy" art art enthusiasts are invited to donate paintings and sculptures for the benefit of the general refurbishment of st. Gangolf at auction. The aubergewohnliche benefit project starts with a vernissage on wednesday, 19. September, at 19.30 o’clock in the studio of bernd wagenhauser in the gertraudenstrabe 10 in bamberg with nora-eugenie gomringer, who speaks introductory words. Jakob fischer and florian berndt make music.

Over 25 works by internationally renowned and regionally known artists will be on display. Every artist or. Donor has set a minimum bid per work; bids may be submitted in advance in writing or on the evening of the auction on friday, 28. September, in the parish hall st. Gangolf will be brought in personally, when elisabeth skantze as auctioneer "to the first, to the second and to the third" will say. Who does not make it to the vernissage, has from the 20. Until the 27. September daily from 4 to 7 p.M. (saturday and sunday from 3 to 7 p.M.) opportunity to view the artworks in atelier wagenhauser


40 Years ago, the county walked into the future

40 years ago, the county walked into the future

In bavaria, 71 out of 143 counties. "The regional reform has laid the foundation for the positive development of the habberge district over the past 40 years", explains district administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU), according to a press release from the district administration office. The former county of habfurt and most of the counties of ebern and hofheim were incorporated on 1 january 2009. July 1972, and as a result, today's habberge district was created with its first 25 and later 26 communities (ermershausen was separated from maroldsweisach and became independent). "In the last 40 years we have managed to create a piece of county identity", means the landrat.

Planning for the jubilee

This historic event is to be celebrated in style this year. "The anniversary is not only about illuminating history. As a modern and service-oriented county, we must continue to develop over the next 40 years. Therefore, the festive year should also be an incentive to think about how we can best respond to new challenges in order to become even more efficient in the district and the municipalities, in line with the goal of the municipal area reform, emphasizes craftsman.


The music plays in the new bierstadl

The music plays in the new bierstadl

"The preserved mix of traditional brass music and driving mood bands will also provide this year in the stadl during the kulmbacher beer week for party mood" , it says in a press release of the organizer kulmbacher brewery. During the day, music clubs from the region will present their broad repertoire, in the evening popular party bands will bring the atmosphere in the marquee to a boil.
"I am pleased to be able to work together with the music bands from kulmbach and the county in this special year as well.", says michael schmid, organizer of the beer week. "The local music clubs have been firmly rooted in kulmbach for many generations and it is hard to imagine the bierstadl without them as a traditional venue."
The stadtkapelle kulmbach will celebrate on saturday, 28. July, at 10 o’clock the 69. Kulmbach beer week opened in front of the town hall. During the nine-day beer week, the music societies of thurnau, burghaig, stadtsteinach and marktleugast, the kasendorfer musikanten and the dorfmusikanten rugendorf will ensure that the visitors sing along to the music, dance to the music, and jump to the music. In the evening, the atmospheric bands "isartaler hexen" and "the witch of the isartal" provide the atmosphere, "joe williams band", "eslarner showband", "poacher" and the "stoapfalzer spitzbuam" for an exuberant party mood in the new bierstadl, the press release continues.