Current child allowance – home ownership subsidy for families

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Update august 2022: from the official side, the building subsidy has now expired. But if certain conditions are met, applications can still be submitted for up to 31 years.12.Be submitted in 2023. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Update september 2020: by the middle of the year, a total of over 230.000 applications submitted. However, there is no prospect of an extension of the subsidy, which is expected to expire on 31 december 2011.12.2020 expire. This is the deadline for purchasing the property or obtaining the building permit; applications can also be submitted at a later date.

Update may 2018: recently, CSU state group leader alexander dobrindt confirmed the amount of funding planned to date before the start of a closed-door meeting.

Update june 2018: due to the high financial burden on the federal budget, consideration is being given to linking the subsidy to the living space. Only homes with a maximum living space of 120 square meters are to be subsidized.

Update july 2018: government representatives announce that the building allowance will come as originally planned. The limit on living space has been lifted, but the subsidy will be severely restricted in terms of time. It is only to be granted for three years, namely retroactively from 01.01.2018 until 31.12.2020, be available.

Update september 2018: the funding framework is in place. The subsidy period was limited to two years, d.H. Exclusively real estate purchases as well as construction projects from 01.01.2018 until 31.12.2019 eligible.
Since the 18.09.In 2018, families have the opportunity to apply for child construction benefit from the kfw.

Baukindergeld: the idea and intentions of home ownership subsidies

The purchase of a home has become expensive in recent years. Property prices have risen dramatically in most regions of germany. This not only applies to metropolitan areas, because houses and apartments are more expensive than ever in small towns and even in the countryside.

Families in particular are finding it more difficult to buy their own homes due to the rise in real estate prices. Due to the new generation, there is a higher burden on the household budget. As a result, it is more difficult to build up equity for the purchase of real estate. At the same time, less income is available to service the loan installment of a construction loan.

With the baukinder money, the state wants to relieve families financially and thus make the decision to buy their own home easier. The subsidy is paid annually, very similar to the former homeowner's allowance with child allowance.

Type and scope of funding

The housing subsidy for children provides for the purchase of a home to be subsidized by 100 euros per month and per child – with an annual payment of. The subsidy is paid for a maximum of 10 years.

Children funding p.A. Total subsidy (10 years)
1 EUR 1.200 EUR 12.000
2 EUR 2.400 EUR 24.000
3 EUR 3.600 EUR 36.000
4 EUR 4.800 EUR 48.000

Eligibility for funding: requirements at a glance

Real estate and use: the real estate can be an existing property, or construction projects can be subsidized. The location must be in germany and at the same time owner-occupancy is a prerequisite.

Time of purchase of the property: only the first purchase is subsidized. Applicants must not own any real estate assets at the time of their application. If you own your own home or rent out a property, you are not entitled to a mortgage.
You are entitled to construction loans if the purchase of the property took place between 01.01.2018 and the 31.12.2020 will be the year. The decisive factor in this respect is the time at which the property is acquired (notary appointment) or. In the case of construction projects, the date on which the building application was approved.

Children: only families are eligible, i.E. Builders and property buyers with children. The children must be entitled to child allowance or the child allowance must be taken into account. In addition, children are only considered eligible if they have reached the age of 18. Have not yet reached the age of majority. Per child and year 1.200 euros in funding paid.

Income: the taxable income of both parents must not exceed a maximum limit in order to qualify for the child construction allowance. This limit is 75.000 euros, with an additional 15 euros per child.000 euros in free allowance can be added. For example, if there are two children in the household, the taxable income may not exceed 105%.000 euros. The taxable income is used, d.H. All income is taken into account.

Apply for baukindergeld

When it comes to promoting home ownership, the federal government has always preferred to rely on the kfw bank. This is also the case for the baukindergeld: applications are to be made in the kfw-zuschussportal (zuschuss 424).

Significance for construction financing

For potential builders and real estate buyers, the financing commitment of a bank is decisive. The commitment for construction financing must exist in order to be able to safely tackle the "home ownership project".

Several factors, especially income, determine whether a loan is approved. For some families, it could be significant in this context whether their building loan will be approved. From experience, we can say that banks always take a close look at chargeable income. Accordingly, it would be important to be able to present a decision from which the approval of the state child allowance can be seen.

You would like to find out more about the feasibility of your personal construction financing, determine your individual loan framework – also in connection with the construction child allowance? Then contact us, we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. You take no risk and decide for yourself whether and where to finance your property.

They would like to know more about their entitlement to building subsidies and how much money the banks will make available to them for construction financing? Take advantage of our comparison, we will determine your financial framework without obligation.

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