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This week: germans are most afraid of the diagnosis: cancer. Term life insurance vs. Disability insurance vs. Accident insurance. Sports injuries are always underestimated.

Diagnosis of cancer, the disease most germans are afraid of

According to a forsa survey, most german citizens are satisfied with their state of health. Nevertheless, there is one disease that most germans fear.
Last year, a study by DAK-gesundheit showed that many germans are afraid of contracting a malignant tumor. This is also confirmed in the current DAK health survey with 69% of respondents. Almost half of those surveyed say that alzheimer's, dementia or serious accidents are among their greatest fears.

Slightly less than half fear a stroke or heart attack. Viral epidemics such as ebola provide a new impetus. One-third of the german population fears this usually fatal viral disease.

According to the study, the people with the highest health satisfaction are in schleswig-holstein, baden-wurttemberg and bavaria. In contrast, the most dissatisfied are to be found in the new federal states. The states of saxony-anhalt, saxony and thuringia are the long-suffering frontrunners here.

Despite the fear of illness, germans do a lot to stay healthy

According to their own assessment, germans do a lot to keep fit and healthy. According to the results, over 80% of respondents are active and do sports. Almost as many drink little alcohol and watch their diet. In addition, the proportion of smokers has decreased further.

Men in particular neglect their preventive examinations

Only 45% of male respondents take advantage of preventive examinations for early cancer detection. In contrast, 69% of women are committed and take advantage of preventive checkups. Whether the difference between women and men is due to the fact that men prefer to look after the condition of their cars remains a matter of speculation.

Skin cancer an underestimated disease in germany

According to statistics, one in four people dies of cancer every year. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in germany. Every year, 220,000.000 people are diagnosed with the disease, according to german cancer aid. Of these, around 26.000 from the dangerous black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) and the rest from white basal cell or prickle cell cancer.

Given the fears of cancer, it's surprising that people neglect preventive checkups. Because white skin cancer in particular can be treated and cured quite well, provided it is diagnosed at an early stage.

Term life insurance vs. Occupational disability insurance vs. Accident insurance

Term life insurance
term life insurance is one of the most important types of insurance, as it provides financial security for surviving dependents in the event of death. It can be concluded for a variety of reasons.

The amount to be paid out can be freely determined by the policyholder. It makes sense, however, to use 3-5 times the gross annual income. This is paid out to the surviving dependents after the death of the insured person.

Term life insurance policies are usually flexible and adapt to life situations

The special feature of this insurance is that it has the ability to adapt to the needs of the insured person. The sum insured can be adjusted upwards or downwards.

Important: make sure that the insurance contract includes a post-insurance guarantee and how it is structured. An upward correction is often linked to events such as a wedding or the birth of a child.

As a rule, term life insurance is suitable for:
– families, especially if there is only one main earner
– for a couple who have only been married for a short time, since there is no state coverage here
– for cohabiting couples without a marriage contract, as the state does not pay anything in this case
– for the protection of current loans and mortgages
– for the protection of business partners, for the protection of current obligations

Occupational disability insurance
according to statistics, one out of every 5 people in germany becomes disabled, which explains why disability insurance is so important.

However, few consider this insurance to be useful for keeping healthy, exercising and supposedly being careful on the roads. But in the event of occupational disability, the state provides too little to protect the affected person financially.

Important: only people born before 1961 are entitled to a state occupational disability pension. Persons born after 1961 are only entitled to a significantly lower disability pension as a form of cover. This is designed between 30% and 60% depending on the degree of impairment.

Considering that every 5. If an employee becomes incapacitated before reaching retirement age, occupational disability insurance is one of the most sensible forms of cover available.

The reasons for occupational disability are increasingly due to mental illnesses rather than limitations in the musculoskeletal system. Cancer is also becoming an increasingly common cause of occupational disability.

A tip: pay attention to the abstract referral clause. This clause allows the insurer to refuse payment if reference can be made to a completely different profession. This clause also applies if this occupation has nothing to do with your learned occupation.

Private accident insurance
private accident insurance is the insurance for leisure time and occupation. Accidents happen every day in germany and almost 65% of them occur during leisure time or in the household. Accidents that occur during working hours are covered by statutory accident insurance. Accidents that occur outside of working hours are not insured.

First of all, the percentage of citizens who suffer accidents is not very high (6.5% per year). However, it is important to remember that these can result in long stays in hospital or permanent disability. This may result in high financial burdens.

In these cases, private accident insurance provides support in a number of ways. It comes in case of permanent health damages and provides financial means. It helps, for example, to compensate for a loss of income, to finance a necessary change of profession, or to pay for domestic help or nursing staff.

Are dangerous hobbies insurable
in general, sports in which the aim is to achieve maximum speed are out of the question. This means that motor sports and extreme sports are predominantly ruled out. Other sports, such as diving, which are no less dangerous, can be insured.

Sports injuries are always underestimated

In the last five years, three out of ten germans have had one or more accidents, even if they were only minor. Nevertheless, many people expect that this will not happen to them again in the next five years. However, the realistic risk of sports injuries is 38%, according to a study by basler versicherungen.

Caution in recreational sports, which should be a priority in terms of professional activity, is often disregarded. After all, who doesn't know the amusement park kickers?. Many people ignore their own risk of injury or accept that of other players in order to score a goal. If the situation is heated, bruises, torn ligaments and even broken bones are not uncommon.

Now in the upcoming winter season, skiers are also frequently affected. During a skiing vacation, the muscle groups that are not used during the rest of the year are subjected to greater strain without warm-up phases and are therefore exposed to injuries. What is initially supposed to be fun and for fitness often ends in forced breaks from work. If you have not made private provision, the sports accident also leads to a restriction of your independence and additional costs at the same time.

As we have already written, the statutory accident insurance does not apply in these cases, as it only covers accidents occurring at work or on the way there. Even accidents that occur at a corporate sporting event are usually not covered.

The health and financial consequences of an accident often turn out to be greater than expected

It is interesting that people see the highest accident risks in road traffic, such as driving a car, or traffic accidents on a bicycle. However, according to a study by the federal statistical office, sports injuries, which fall under "other accidents," rank ahead of traffic accidents.
If multiple injuries occur, such as after a bicycle accident or a skiing accident, livelihoods are not infrequently threatened. If the person concerned is no longer able to work, financial losses are incurred in the long term. Therefore, everyone, whether with a family or a self-employed background, should take out private insurance.

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