Goal: become a millionaire – strategy: 250.invest 000 euro in these three growth stocks and wait 8 years

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In the last two months, the broad-based S&P 500 and the technology-dependent nasdaq composite have experienced the strongest corrections in about two years. The market does not go straight up, no matter how much we as investors would like it to.

The good news is that these market dips represent ideal buying opportunities. It's not just about buying groundbreaking companies. The secret to turning an investment into a large sum of money is to play out your investment thesis over many years.

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At the moment, there are three growth stocks that have what it takes to turn an investment of 250.000 euro 1 million. Euro or more. If you want to become a millionaire, my suggestion is simple: just buy these three stocks and wait eight years – that is, until 2030.

Upstart holdings

The first innovative company to make an investment of 250.000 euros into 1 million euros (or more) by 2030. Euros (or more), the cloud-based lending platform upstart holdings (WKN: A2QJL7 ).

Interestingly enough, upstart already accomplished this feat last year in the space of a few months, when its share price rose from around $100 to $400. Since the high, the shares have fallen by up to 80%. Wall street seems concerned about how an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven lending platform will fare in an environment of rising interest rates.

The good news is that any knee-jerk reactions at upstart are likely to be short-lived. That's because the company brings clear competitive advantages to the table. For example, its AI platform significantly shortens the time it takes for an applicant for a personal loan to be approved or rejected by a bank or financial institution. This saves upstart's customers a lot of money and opens the doors to loan applicants who might not otherwise qualify for a loan through the traditional appraisal process.

Long-term investors will also appreciate how upstart generates the majority of its revenue. In the fourth quarter, a whopping 94% of revenue came from fees and services tied to its banking partners. In other words, upstart is not credit challenged. Although a rapidly rising interest rate environment could reduce record lending activity at financial institutions, there is nothing to suggest that this would affect upstart's already very profitable operating model.

But what will really get long-term investors buzzing is the opportunity for upstart to move into new verticals. At the moment, the company specializes almost exclusively in personal loans. However, the purchase of prodigy software last year has opened up the possibility for upstart to deploy its AI lending platform in the auto lending space. Auto lending is a 727 billion market. US dollars, compared to 96 bn. US dollars for personal loans. If all goes well, upstart can enter the $4.6 billion mortgage loan market and the $644 billion small business loan market. US dollar penetration. That's $6 billion in new business – and the company "only" made $849 million last year. US dollar sales made.

According to wall street forecasts, upstart is expected to grow its revenue to almost 3.2 billion euros over the next five years. U.S. Dollar to quadruple. If upstart can justify or exceed this estimate, it should make patient investors millionaires by 2030.

Planet 13 holdings

Another growth stock that could quadruple an investment in eight years is marijuana stock planet 13 holdings (WKN: A2JPJ2 ).

While marijuana stocks were all the rage at the start of 2021, they have cooled significantly in the last twelve months. A democrat-led u.S. Congress combined with a joe biden presidency had been expected to lead to nationwide cannabis reforms. However, these reforms at the U.S. Federal level have not materialized and wall street has once again turned its back on the industry.

Investors should recognize that federal reforms are not necessary for many of the larger multistate operators (msos) to thrive. Thanks to 37 U.S. States that have legalized cannabis in some form, and the department of justice staying out of it and letting states regulate their own cannabis industries, msos like planet 13 have a clear path forward.

While most msos approach the retail side like a monopoly game (that is, being in all possible markets), planet 13's differentiator is its focus on the experience. The company has only two stores in operation at the moment, but they are huge and not comparable to anything else in the U.S. The superstores in las vegas (nevada) and orange county (california) have a footprint of 112.000 square meters or. 55.000 square meters. In las vegas, customers can relax in an indoor cafe, watch cannabis being processed on site, or simply enjoy the largest selection of cannabis products in the U.S.

Aside from the size of its locations, planet 13 is also using other tactics to grow its business. For example, in its las vegas superstore, the company uses self-checkout counters and offers personalized advice to customers. This way, regular customers can save time while tourists and enthusiasts get a unique, customized experience. Planet 13 also promotes its own line of vapes and edible products.

No surprise that chicago, illinois and miami and orlando in florida are next on the list. If the company can replicate its success in las vegas in other markets, it should have no problem generating a return of 300% or more for investors over the next eight years.


The third growth share, which is an initial investment of 250.000 U.S. Dollars can make you a millionaire by 2030 is electric vehicle (EV) maker nio (WKN: A2N4PB ).

As with almost all growth stocks, nio's stock is currently in reverse gear. Since reaching an all-time high of nearly 67 U.S. Dollars in january 2021, shares have fallen by 68. The prospect of rising interest rates has led to a sharp slide in the entire stock market. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where the price-earnings ratio has traditionally been in the single digits.

But among the up-and-coming electric car manufacturers, nio stands out for me as the most promising company. In particular, the company has performed admirably despite ongoing supply chain problems and the continuing shortage of semiconductor chips. In the last two months of the year 2021, nio produced an annual rate of about 130.000 e-vehicles. The management has forecast that by the end of 2022 it will achieve an annual production rate of 600.000 e-vehicles could achieve if the problems in the supply chain subside. This corresponds to about 50.000 deliveries per month.

Another plus point of nio is its numerous innovation aspects. For example, the company plans to increase demand by building on its already successful electric vehicle product line. This includes the launch of the all-new top-of-the-line ET7 sedan and the mid-size ET5 sedan. The company claims that both will have a range of up to 1.000 kilometers (with the ultra-long-range battery pack). If true, these new electric vehicles would put serious pressure on tesla motors in china.

In addition to the new vehicles, nio also launched its battery-as-a-service (baas) program in august 2020. With baas, owners can recharge, replace and upgrade their batteries and receive a discount on the original purchase price of their vehicle. In return, buyers pay a recurring monthly fee to nio. The company has effectively given up some lower-margin near-term revenue to secure the future loyalty of its customer base.

In addition, nio is headquartered in china, the world's most important automotive market. With the chinese electric car industry still in its nascent stage, there is plenty of market share to be gained.

If wall street's estimates are correct and nio generates recurring profits through 2023, a 300% gain by 2030 could prove almost conservative.

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Sean williams does not own any of the shares indicated. The motley fool owns and recommends shares of nio, planet 13 holdings, tesla and upstart holdings. This article was published on 27.2.2022 on fool.Com and has been translated for our german readers.

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