[Hint] how to start your own business without money?


You want to start your own business, but have little equity capital? Here's how you can still do it!

How to start your own business without money – is it possible??

As a budding self-employed person, you are of course aware that WITH money everything is a bit easier than without it. But even if you don't have the big bucks, you don't have to give up on your dream of self-employment.

Whether starting a business without capital is feasible and makes sense depends largely on your business idea. Logically, money is needed for personnel and acquisitions such as computers, machines, equipment and company cars. It is absolutely unrealistic to start a huge business without capital.

However, there are also enough fields of activity where the capital investment is small and manageable.

Start your own business without money – 4 options for start-ups

A start-up does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. With a good business idea and little money, you have 4 ways to become self-employed:

  • 1. Freelancing
  • 2. Part-time work
  • 3. Raise capital
  • 4. Apply for funding

Become self-employed with freelance work

Especially as a freelancer, starting your own business without equity is often quite possible. This category includes artistic, writing, teaching, educational or scientific professions. The required equipment is partly cost-technically limited and the exercise of the activity is perhaps also possible from home, so that no rent is incurred.

GOOD TO KNOW: in § 18 of the income tax law you will find a detailed list of professions that can be practiced as freelancers. Freelancers benefit from tax breaks and accounting simplifications. Get registered by the trade office, your tax advisor or service providers like small businesses.Org advise if freelancing is an option for you.

Becoming self-employed with a sideline activity

As the name suggests, you can carry out a sideline business activity alongside your main job. You do not have to put all your eggs in one basket and can build up your business "on the side". You remain covered by health and social insurance through your employment and have the security of monthly wage payments.

If your turnover from commercial activities is less than 17.500 euro in the first and 50.000 euro in the second year, you can take advantage of the small business regulation and the associated benefits according to § 19 of the sales tax law.

Capital lukrieren – 8 ideas

If you don't have any capital of your own, you still have the option of attracting outside capital. It sounds so simple – but it is? What you need in any case to find investors is: a good to ingenious business plan, persuasiveness and valid arguments.

  • 1. Bank: ask your bank for a favorable founder's loan or start-up money for founders of a new business. There are banks that offer special conditions such as repayment free of charge over a certain period of time.
  • 2. Collateral: even if you don't have cash, you may have capital in the form of property, insurance or investments. The bank will grant a loan more easily if the required amount is covered. Be sure to get advice before you take out a mortgage on your house or apartment, for example.
  • 3. Guarantee banks: in the absence of such securities you can turn to a guarantee bank. These development banks are designed to help startups, which is why they receive government funding. The guarantee of this bank is recognized by other credit institutions as security.
  • 4. Crowdfunding: you start the campaign by putting your business idea and a funding goal online. The crowd – meaning the general public – can now participate financially in your project.
  • 5. Partner: you sell shares in your start-up to partners. Silent partners invest in your business model, but have no say and are not allowed to make decisions. In return for your investment, you will receive regular business reports and information about the economic success of the company. Contributing partners also participate financially. In addition, they are included in decisions that affect the start-up.
  • 6. Business angels: your business idea has to convince the business angel just as much as you do as a founder. Business angels invest not only in start-ups. They also act as mentors and support you with their know-how and network.
  • 7. Become a franchise entrepreneur: the franchisor determines the amount of capital you need to use the brand, etc. Pay. In some cases, franchising is also possible without start-up capital.
  • 8. Borrow start-up capital: perhaps you can borrow money from family or friends to start your own business. You must carefully consider whether an interest-bearing or, in the best case, non-interest-bearing personal loan is an option for you! After all, the economic success of your business cannot be estimated and (timely) repayment may not be easy. Before there is trouble with your loved ones, you should better keep your hands off it!

TIP: make a list of the costs you will incur when starting your own business. What equipment do you need? What technical equipment is necessary? Do you have to rent an office or other space?? Once you know the financing needs, you can consider which way you want to go to raise capital. Remember that borrowed money has to be paid back and include the monthly rate in the calculation. Don't take risks and seek advice from sources such as your tax advisor or small business registrar.Org on. Get comprehensive information on capital requirements, subsidies and financing options.

how to be self-sufficient without money

Apply for funding

For prospective entrepreneurs there is the possibility to apply for subsidies. Germany-wide there are over 2.000 subsidy programs for start-ups.

Students, university graduates and scientists can apply for an EXIST start-up grant. Depending on the level of education you have, the stipend will range from 1.000 and 3.000 euro per month. There are also subsidies for material expenses, coaching and further education. The scholarship is linked to the particular innovativeness of the business idea.

Even from unemployment, there are ways to start a business. For example, if you want to start your own business without cash and are receiving unemployment benefit I, you can apply for a start-up grant from the federal employment agency. If this is approved, you will receive unemployment benefits PLUS 300 euros per month for 6 months. Once the six months are over, your unemployment benefits automatically expire and you receive a monthly allowance of 300 euros for a further 9 months.

TIP: in addition to the start-up grant, there are other support options for prospective self-employed people who want to stop being unemployed. The federal employment agency or. The job center provides start-ups with activation and placement vouchers (AVGS). You can redeem these for start-up seminars and coaching sessions to prepare you for founding your own business.

Start your own business without cash – the best tips

You have little or no equity capital and cannot or do not want to raise outside capital. Nevertheless, self-employment should not remain a dream. Here you will find the best tips on how to start your own business without money:

  • Keep costs low: think about what you need as a self-employed person for the initial phase. What is absolutely necessary? What can wait?
  • Save on rent: work from home (if possible) or look for a shared office. Often, especially in the beginning, you don't need your own office with extensive furnishings and equipment.
  • Do without employees: personnel costs make up a large part of the monthly expenditure in many companies. Do without staff in the beginning and outsource tasks that you cannot do yourself on a fee basis or through outsourcing.
  • Start part-time: try out your business idea with the security of a permanent job. .
  • Take small steps: build your business in small steps.


You want to start your own business with no cash, no equity. You must realize that the path is not an easy one. You need a lot of energy, stamina and endurance. And you definitely need financial reserves for emergencies. Nobody knows if your business idea will work out. Just when you're giving up the security of a full-time job, there needs to be enough money so that your livelihood isn't at risk.

For small business registration.Org and other service portals, you'll get detailed information on self-employment. Let us guide you now from your initial thoughts to successful business registration.

The service costs at least 39,99 €*.Additional fees are added for additional service.We are not the trade office!

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