How to avoid annoying telemarketers and robocalls

How to avoid annoying telemarketers and robocalls / Technology explained

We have all been through this. They are relaxing at home and minding their own business when they suddenly receive a call from a number they don't recognize. They let it ring a few times, not sure if they want to take it up, but finally shrug and click accept.

And instead of another human being, they hear a seemingly prerecorded message about something they probably don't care about. In some cases, the message is not even pre-recorded – it is generated via text-to-speech technology.

Robocalls are impersonal and, above all, annoying. Why it exists? How are they allowed and what can you do to get them out of your life forever? Read on to find out.

What are robocalls, exactly?

In short, a robocall is a call transmitted via an autodialer (a device that automatically dials numbers without an operator). Usually results in a prerecorded message and/or a forward to a live operator.

Autodialers are fantastic – from the caller's point of view anyway – because they can reach thousands of phone numbers per minute. Wrong number? Do not cancel? Separate connection? No problem, skip to the next number in the line right now.

Robocalls are used extensively for all kinds of purposes: appointment reminders, credit card fraud alerts, survey researchers, political campaigns, telemarketing and unfortunately even fraud. But legitimate or not, they can be quite a nuisance.

In the united states, robocalls are only legal if they meet two requirements. Automated pre-recorded messages must 1) identify who initiates the call and 2) provide information on how to contact the initiator.

In addition, phone calls to cell phones are illegal unless the recipient has consented in advance. In the fixed network, however, robocalls are only illegal if the call is of a commercial nature. (so it's legal to be bombarded by political campaigns on a landline, but not from a cell phone.)

In 2015, the federal communications commission took steps to increase and clarify consumer protections from abuse. For example, text messages must comply with the same regulations as mobile calls, and consumers can revoke authorizations at any time.

How to get your number??

At this point, you're probably wondering how these robocallers got their phone number in the first place. Finally, they may not call them if they have not given them permission, or? Good..

The truth is probably you gave them the permission and just didn't know it. There are many ways someone can be tricked into agreeing to robocalls, and it happens more often than you think.

Registrations are a frequent point of failure. The next time you sign up for a new service, answer questionnaires or surveys, or submit a feedback form asking for your phone number, think before you give it out. A simple entry could be interpreted as tacit consent.

If a service asks you to read and agree to the terms of use, you should look for fine print about robocalling. If you're the kind of person who blindly clicks "agree," you can a. Robocalling authorizations grant quantity of services.

And it doesn't just end there. Some companies, such as insurance companies, ask for permission to share their information with other parties – and that means sharing (or selling) your phone number with others they may rob you instead.

E-mail addresses are not the only personal information being sold. How spammers find your e-mail address? How spammers find your e-mail address? Spam is the closest thing we have to an internet plague. No matter who they are, spam will find them one day, and they will have no choice but to put up with its pestilence… Read more !

In addition, private data that you publish publicly online (e.G. B. Correct name, private address etc.), be deleted by a private webcrawler. How do search engines work? How search engines work? For many, google is the internet. It is probably the most important invention since the internet. And while search engines have changed a lot since then, the underlying principles are still the same. For further information, please refer to all types of public databases (e.G. B. Census records, property records, deeds and mortgages, etc.) to find their contact information.

Frankly, these things come quickly and bite you in the ass. Even something as innocent as putting your phone number in your email signature could be problematic. E-mails can not only be intercepted, but e-mail viruses are still a real problem. 7 important email security tips you should know 7 important email security tips you should know about internet security – a topic we all know is important sits far in the back of the depths of our minds, fooling us into believing that "it won't happen to me". Ob… Read more, and you might search your e-mails for such details.

What can you do against robocalls??

So you made a few mistakes? That's okay, everyone has it. If you receive robocalls, it is already too late for you (although you can still apply the above measures to prevent this from happening).) more incoming robocalls), but you are not out of luck yet.

Invest immediately. Some people claim that they can enter a special number sequence to prevent robocallers from calling again, but that doesn't really work these days. Others say you should wait until the end of the call for unsubscribe instructions, but don't do that either.

Pressing or pushing buttons confirms to the caller that their number is a real work number and marks it as such, so more calls come their way. On the other hand, robocallers tend to overcome numbers that are not connected or never decrease.

Sign up for the call list. In the united states, there is a national call registration database that you can easily enroll in. Telemarketers are legally prohibited from contacting you if you are on the list most telemarketers respect the call list, some do not. It is not entirely effective.

For those outside the U.S., their country may have its own version. For example, the united kingdom has the telephone preemption service, canada has the national non-call list, and australia has the non-call list.

Calling permission revoked. If you have unknowingly given consent to a company to call you, you can take it back at any time. Call customer support and ask to be added to the company's own call list.

Also make a note of when you made the request. Wait at least a month, and if they don't bother you with unwanted calls, report them to the federal trade commission (FTC)..

Lock individual numbers. If you are being hounded by the same numbers, you should block them. Most android and ios phones can do this without third-party apps. If this is not the case, there are apps for this purpose. Some apps can even identify incoming calls as spam.

Another option is to create a google voice account. 5 cool things you can do with google voice. 5 cool things you can do with google voice. For more information, forward calls to your actual number and use the google voice number as your main number. With google voice you can block certain numbers.

Always read the fine print. I know it's a pain in the neck, but when you're prompted with the terms of use and your phone number, check the fine print.

Next time use a wrong telephone number. If you really have to register for something and a telephone number is required, you should use a fake number. Obviously, this depends on the situation. Get a business credit card? Sure, use a fake. Paperwork for the dentist? No, use your real number.


In 2014, the FTC received more than 150 euros per month.000 complaints related to robocall. So you can be sure that you are not alone in this. The unfortunate truth is, however, that robocalls have been and will be a problem for years to come.

The above tips should help to reduce harassment. Be careful when making your phone number publicly available, sign up for the call list, don't interact with answering machines and block any numbers that harass you. Otherwise, there is little to do except complain to the FTC.

You may want to use a free phone number for calls and texts. No US phone number? No problem – best free apps for calls to the USA no US phone number? No problem – best free apps for calling the USA with these apps get your own american phone number that you can use from anywhere in the world. Read more when asked for a phone number, and reserve your actual phone number for friends and family only.

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