Meet ‘marriage or mortgage’ hosts sarah miller and nichole holmes

Meet the

'Marriage or mortgage' hosts sarah miller and nichole holmes seem to be polar opposites. Miller began her career as a wedding planner ten years ago, after planning her own wedding and building on an already successful career as an interior designer. Meanwhile, holmes, who has a radio and television degree, has worked in and around the real estate industry, selling luxury condominiums after the collapse of the real estate market.

You may wonder how the pair fits together? Well, it is their common love to, well,lovethat brings them together. Sarah miller is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, while twice-divorced nichole holmes finds herself a skeptic (who still believes in "the one").

The two have had successful careers in their respective industries – so fans can see how they struggle to communicate their values to attendees.

But as loyal fans, we've always wanted to know how close the two are in real life, and according to the two, after just one season of working together, they've become "thick as thieves". They confess that they had never met before while working in the same city, before coming together to make the ' marriage or mortgage "-couples choose between their dream wedding or their future home.

Miller explains, 'we've always crossed paths, but we never really met or talked until this show came along.'


Holmes said they didn't know how many mutual connections they had until she heard miller was planning her best friend's wedding during a pre-production skype call.

They have become good friends since they worked together for a season, even though they compete for the business of the participants.

Let's learn more about the hosts of 'marriage or mortgage' below!

How old is 'marriage or mortgage' sarah miller?

Wedding planner sarah miller is 48 years old. Sarah is married to chase miller and has two children.

The netflix star founded and owns southern vine & company, a nashville-based interior design and event planning firm.

According to the company's website, it specializes in 'southern flair' and adds, "sarah's experience and sales team will make sure your event or design project is not only beautiful, but also an enjoyable journey. If you're looking for a trusted partner for your luxury event or home design project, hire sarah and relax! You will be delighted with the result!"

How old is 'marriage or mortgage' nichole holmes?

Nichole holmes was born a ram and turned 46 in 2020.

Holmes is a former beauty pageant queen who was crowned miss illinois in 1995. She grew up in marion, illinois. The following year, she took second place in the miss USA competition. She continues to strut down the runway and is now the face of several commercials.

Are the hosts of 'marriage or mortgage' related?

No, despite that matching, equally enviable red hair and their nashville roots, sarah miller and nichole holmes do not appear to be related. But maybe a 23andme test is just to be sure!

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