Ostranauts – how to make money in the early game


A guide on how to get from debt to over 50 on ostranauts and ward off debt when necessary.

General guide

I saw that there was no general guide to get out of the early game. Hence this.

If you are just looking for the best way to make money, it is probably either collecting fusion reactors or transporting AI servers while traveling at ~ 3 km / s.

Otherwise, the guide is sorted by cash amount, as this can drastically affect what methods you can actually use to make money. Once you reach about 50, you can experience all the current content.

I may update this guide with more details as there is more content and more ways to get/spend money.

It is assumed that they at least understand how to navigate and dock.

Character creation

Ship scrapper
the only career available at the moment. If they get more than ~5000 before launch, they can get a scrapping license right out of the gate and jump straight to over 6 in this guide. Otherwise, the only real guide that affects parts is smuggling them to hydra intake (which gives them a black market contact) and getting crates that allow them to store more stuff on their dinky launch capsule.

With the coffin, you can avoid the mortgage, but you need to find a replacement ship as soon as possible.

Under $6000

The first goal here is to get enough money to buy a license to scrap and dock at KLEG for full provisioning.

This will not only prevent heavy fines from the police, but will allow you to have another seller to compare prices with. (i'm pretty sure the price multiplier for the black market/scrap dealer happens to be in a range).

  1. Familiarize yourself with the navigation console and ship controls.
  2. Resist the urge to immediately dock at the asteroid at KLEG. It will cost you more money than you can probably raise at this time.
  3. Align the bearing with a fairly distant wreck (preferably with another nearby so as not to be deboned by RNG). Then accelerate towards it with about 1/4 of your delta V.
  4. Pray that the police and micrometeroids don't notice that you are heading for the wreck you chose.
  5. Brake as you approach the wreck, and then dock.
  6. Pay attention to what is on the ship. If you purchased the optional crates, you can now store 3×3 items/modules in a 2×2 space. If it is a large enough ship with a reactor and a safe/isolated center, I would consider making it your new ship. Otherwise, if it's too much work to get it running. (ex: too few RCS engines / no reactor) I would just scrap it and look elsewhere.
  7. Raid the ship. Valuable oddities, rough numbers. : reactor (3×3)~40k, hydra RCS inlet (2×2) ~10k, navigation console (3×3)~3-5k, RCS cluster (2×1)~1k, doors (5×1)~ 1k, batteries (2×2) ~1k, low-tier RCS inlets (2×1) ~400, turbopumps (3×1) ~400.
  8. Go back to KLEG. If they have more than ~11 loot in total, they can return to KLEG without much concern. I would have about 40, just in case the police fine them for not having a license to scrap or loot them for their most valuable items. Make sure you have enough delta V to make the trip enjoyable. I would have about 40 just in case the police fine it for not having a license to scrap it.
  9. Sell your loot to the black market contact. You will be sitting at the bar of the mescaform station. If you have gotten the contact from your career, great. Otherwise you have to kiss their ass or threaten them to trade with them.
    At this point, you should be able to sell the loot from the ship to get your first 5 for the general scrapper pass.

Over $6,000+

Now you have enough money to get to the general scrap market. You may have come here because you made good use of character creation and completed a gig or two on site in KLEG.

The next goal is to find a big wreck with lots of space. Passengers and heavy lifters are good candidates, but any big box will do.

Find a wreck that is mostly intact. Make sure it has enough rcs thrusters, a fusion reactor, a deuterium tank, and a helium tank.

Fix it. Make it flyable and keep an atmosphere. It will be your new money maker / home from now on, so make sure you don't die spontaneously. Add a bed from an abandoned building when you get sleepy.

At this point, it should be pretty clear to you how you can make money by scrapping, so move on. If not clear, revisit under 6k. The goal is about 50. Two reactors should be enough to get you there.

Over $50,000+

Congratulations. You have reached the point where money is no longer an issue. Breathe easy, for you have earned a reprieve from debt slavery for the moment.

If you want to take a break from scrapping for cash, you can now take gigs with servers as freight, where you need either a vacuum atmosphere or ~3 coolers per server. I recommend at least 6 km/s delta V. You can make ~50 per trip, which is not too bad for a safe payout.

Otherwise, just scrap ships for fusion reactors or expand your ship by removing floors and walls from others.

That's all we share today for it ostranauts lead. This manual was originally created and written by mysteriousconman. If we don't update this manual, find the latest update by following this link.

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