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If you've been following the markets lately, you've probably heard one or two experts say they're worried that the U.S. Economy could slip into a recession, a period of slowing economic activity, or even stagflation, characterized by high inflation, high unemployment, and slow economic growth.

In the age of technology, digitalization is spreading in all areas. Whether in our personal or business lives, in factories or offices, online activity plays an important role in our lives. Worldwide, internet use is rising steadily: the estimated number of people who are active online was around 3.9 billion in 2018. Forecasts call for an increase to around 4.14 billion by 2021. The people's republic of china has the most online users per capita of population, followed by india and the united states. Germany ranks 8th.


1. Importance of digitalization for financial institutions

Saving: Money and Coins

Pepsico is a classic defensive stock. Companies that meet the day-to-day needs of their customers aren't necessarily exciting. But in difficult times they can hold their own. Soft drinks and snacks will remain attractive in any economic climate.

Stocks that can double

The market flirted with new highs last week. Even though this is exciting for investors, it can keep many from buying or adding to great stocks. Against this background, we asked three employees of the motley fool to name one company each that they would buy without hesitation, no matter how high the share prices are.

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The desire is obviously there. I'd be willing to bet that even 90% of people who say they "never want to be rich" really long for a life where they don't have to worry about money. Luck can't be bought with money, but it can buy almost everything else.

Stock savings plan dividends dividend increase dividend yield shares

With some parts of the broad market trading near record highs, it may be difficult to find a decent dividend yield. Investors looking for income still have opportunities, but they need to look a little harder to find them. One way is through the real estate investment trusts (reits) sector.

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Long-term thinking is one of the most important traits an investor can have. In most cases, wealth that changes lives doesn't accumulate overnight. The compound interest effect takes time to work, but that doesn't mean the process is complicated. All you need is patience and a diversified portfolio of quality stocks.

Wealth with shares

Most stocks trading at under $20 per share are valued that way for a reason. Either they have not yet proved their worth (as z. B. A biotech company in the clinical phase) or they had financial difficulties.

110 percent financing or. Full financing not only finances the entire purchase price of the property AND all ancillary purchase costs. In practice, however, 110 percent financing and full financing are rarely realized because the hurdles are very high. Prerequisite is a positive risk assessment by the lender, comprehensive collateral and a particularly good credit rating. The moreover appropriate interest mark-ups are required, which makes the construction financing under the line more expensive. In contrast to 110 percent financing, we speak of full financing when the property is financed without equity, but all ancillary purchase costs are covered with equity.

At a price of just 17.02 euros, upstart went public in december 2020. Today, some nine months later, the share stands at 242.00 euros (as of 16. September 2021). This means a fabulous plus of 1.321,9 %!

What's behind upstart?

Upstart operates a cloud-based lending platform. An artificial intelligence aggregates consumer credit demand and links it to the company's banking network. This way, consumers should find the loans with the best conditions. And banks as well as institutional investors should be able to operate a profitable lending business with a largely automated cash flow.