Poxdorf’s mayor takes stock of the year

Poxdorf's mayor takes stock of the year

Poxdorf mayor paul steins (CSU) invited the citizens to a meeting at the town’s sports center. About 70 interested citizens came to listen to the accountability report of their mayor.
In his presentation, steins outlined the important topics and issues that he had worked on in cooperation with the town council and the administration in the year that was drawing to a close. "I want to talk not only about the successful projects, but also make clear where there have been problems," he said.

Tensions in the daycare center

In his number-crunched and photo-laden overview, he explained, for example, that the municipality’s financial situation is quite good – even if a loan from 2011 still has to be paid off and business tax revenues have been rather meager.
Steins also made no secret of the fact that there has been tension among staff and parent groups at the fully booked daycare center since the beginning of the year. According to him, however, these problems could finally be solved thanks to a lot of parent talk, the involvement of the district’s technical supervision, the hiring of two new specialists, and the election of a new parents’ advisory council.
The fire department commander, wouter holland, reported on the training courses in which his troops had taken part and the missions they had performed; he also reminded his audience of the training program that had been started on january 1, 2009. January 2018 smoke detector obligation, on which the fire brigade will offer an information event.

Demographic change

The youth commissioner christian haller announced that he would submit the proposal for a workshop on "demographic simulation 2050" to the municipal council places.
This simulation game is about the effects of demographic change, especially in rural areas. What challenges will municipalities face if the number of senior citizens continues to rise and the number of young people steadily declines?? The simulation is intended to work out concrete community-based solutions to problems such as the housing market, the market for skilled workers, club life, mobility and the attractiveness of rural areas for families with children. The planning game with moderation costs 1400 euros.
According to the mayor, the urgently needed renovation of the waldstrabe is a difficult issue. Not only are the owners of the properties subject to the contribution to be charged for road improvements, but the question of whether waldstrabe is a purely residential road or a main road must also be clarified.

Amicable solution

Furthermore, an amicable solution must be found with regard to the ownership situation, which needs to be clarified, because many front gardens lie on municipal land. The mayor announced that he would convene a town hall meeting to discuss the issue, which is sure to be of concern to many citizens.
With regard to the integrated urban development concept (ISEK), paul steins recalled that it only serves as a guideline for the urban development of the municipality in the next ten to 15 years.
It is by no means fixed and unchangeable, but expandable and open to development. Above all, however, it is a prerequisite for the municipality to be able to receive funds from the urban development fund.