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This friday evening at 19.30 o'clock it is about the sausage. The winner of the match between tus 97 and handball lemgo has the very best chance of making it into the 3. League to create. Of course, tickets will still be available at the box office. Both teams are fielding their best players.

Jollenbeck feels fit for the hit

Bielefeld (WB). "We are all absolutely convinced that we can beat lemgo." Jollenbeck goalkeeper norman kern highlights tus 97's confidence ahead of top division summit against HSG handball lemgo II. Kickoff for the final match for promotion to the 3. League is today at 19.30 o'clock.

Both camps are striving for composure ahead of showdown. "We go into the game relaxed but with the necessary tension," stresses kern. The 42-year-old veteran knows that tonight in the "hopefully sold-out" jollenbecker realschulsporthalle it will also depend on the goalkeepers. Both walter schubert (tus 97) and niels pfannenschmidt (lemgo II) made this clear in the run-up to the meeting. Both coaches are aware of the good counterattacking play of the opponent, which is to be prevented as far as possible.
For kern and his no less experienced goalkeeper colleague thorsten lehmeier speaks the routine and the certainty to function well as a team. Kern: "one of us has always shown a good to very good performance in the last weeks. The important thing is that moppel or i are there at the decisive moment."Kern sees his team as more balanced in the post: "lemgo has a very good goalkeeper in dominik formella, but behind him there are a lot of players who are very good. "
The "jurmkers" also see the pressure rather with the opponent. "We can handle the situation very well, after all, we've had to win almost everything for months to even have this final game," says kern, who sums up the starting position: "we have to win by at least a three-goal difference to move past lemgo. If lemgo wins, we can congratulate them on promotion."
It's as simple as that, and kern thinks he can spot a bit of arrogance on the part of the lippers: "when we hear that they've already planned the championship party for their last home game against bergkamen, that of course spurs us on even more."
Lemgos coach niels pfannenschmidt believes strongly in his team: "we have respect, but no fear. We want to win and have prepared well for jollenbeck."This also applies to the opposite side. Tus 97 coach walter schubert assumes that, in addition to "daily form and the defense including the goalkeeper," nerves will also play a role. "It's about who makes the fewest mistakes under stress. The young people on both sides can prove themselves."
Up to 1200 spectators are expected to witness the "jurmker" try to make up for the three-goal deficit from the first leg. Nils grothaus could become the jollenbecker "joker. The all-rounder has been back in full training with the team this week and feels ready for action. Schubert will probably put grothaus on the bench as a "man for all cases" for the time being.
"I haven't noticed any nervousness among us yet," says norman kern, who sums up the mood at tus 97, which is still unbeaten at home this season, as follows: "we're in a good mood and have prepared for the game with a high level of concentration, but also with the necessary amount of fun."Torsten winter, the sporting director, also feels a tingling sensation that he is very familiar with from his playing days: "a pure final game just before the end of the season: what could be better for a player?."

Living history lesson

HANDBALL-OBERLIGA: top match against lemgo II in jollenbeck today

Ivo kraft and gregor winkler

Bielefeld. Among historians, the question of whether history repeats itself is disputed. Today (19.30 o'clock, realschule jollenbeck) this question will also be discussed intensively between HB lemgo II and tus 97 bielefeld-jollenbeck.

Almost exactly four years ago, on 28. April 2007, the two teams also met in the top division. It was the penultimate matchday and lemgo II entered the game as the league leader with 44:4 points, tus 97 lurked behind with 41:7 points. This time the constellation is almost identical. The lippers (44-6) are two points ahead of tus 97 (42-8) on the third-last day of play. This time, too, it is clear: it is a game in which champions are made.

"This is a pure final game. Lemgo can become champion, but we can also still achieve promotion on our own," says tus sporting director torsten winter. Coach walter schubert adds: "we are in the better position because the pressure for us is not as great. I have a good feeling." Both teams go and went into the top match with impressive series. Lemgo had won 14 times in a row, while tus 97 had only conceded two points in the second half of the season. 2011 the lemgoer interim balance is 26:2 points. Tus 97 did even better than four years ago and drew only once.

The personnel is also comparable. In 2007, as today, lemgo had a young team with talent from bielefeld (then malte schroder, now luca werner) as well as experienced players with bundesliga experience (formerly andre tempelmeier, now michael binder). "Everyone is on board. It's going to be a hot dance," says lemgos managing director christian sprdlik.

Tus 97 wanted to play with a mixture of completely inexperienced players (the part of the then youngster christian niehaus is now played by leon ludwigs), young players – nils grothaus, who will be decided at the last minute, and marcel volmer are now among the experienced players. The new talents are hoff, heins and kopschek – as well as some seasoned veterans (vollmer, bruelheide, scheibe at that time). Kern, gojacic and lehmeier today). "The guys can prove themselves," says schubert. According to the coach, this does not necessarily mean that it will be a good game. But excitement is guaranteed. But there are also a few differences. In 2007, tus 97 could not have knocked the bundesliga reserve off first place with a win. Now the lippers are within reach. With a win with at least four goals difference, tus 97 would secure the direct comparison after the first leg defeat (33:36) and put themselves at the top of the table. "Three goals you can also clear in the last minutes. We don't have to look at that at first," says schubert, adding: "lemgo didn't have the same fluctuations in performance this season as we did. So the daily form will also decide."

Another advantage for the bielefelders should be that they have a home game in 2011. Four years ago, tus had to travel to lemgo. In the run-up to the game, ralf bruelheide had to have a wisdom tooth removed. Without their top scorer, the jollenbeck team lost the top match surprisingly clearly with 26:34. But now they expect more than 1.000 spectators to turn the jollenbecker halle into a madhouse. "A four-digit crowd would be nice," says torsten winter with the justified undertone that any handball fan who misses out is probably only himself to blame.

How the old historian question is to be answered now, is to be determined thus completely simply by two things. The first thing to check today is whether all of jollenbeck's experienced players are fit. With thorsten lehmeier, norman kern and jasmin gojacic in tow, it is then up to the rest of the jollenbecker team, from 19.30 o'clock to prove that history does not repeat itself.

Lemgo (ruko). Tomorrow, friday evening, it could be that the team of the lemgo youngsters greets as champions of the oberliga and thus as promoted to the regional league. The hansestadter can even lose their away game at direct chaser tus bielefeld-jollenbeck with a two-goal difference and would still be crowned champions.

The direct comparison makes it possible. Since the lemgoer could win the first leg against the leinenstadter with three goals difference (36:33), would count with a lemgoer defeat with two goals difference the direct comparison for the hansestadter, since they have now already four points lead with then still two outstanding plays on the tus. "But we don't even think about such games of chance. We are looking forward to this match. Both teams have played a good series, but only one team can advance and of course we want to be that team, so we definitely want to win this game," says youngster coach niels pfannenschmidt, who travels to bielefeld with respect. The kickoff of the game is at 19.30 o'clock in the hall of the realschule jollenbeck. A fan bus will also be used for this match. Info: www.Handball.Lemgo.De.

With the exception of jannnik rauchschwalbe, who has undergone shoulder surgery, the lemgo team is complete. "Surely one or the other is suffering from a niggle, but everyone can play," says niels pfannenschmidt on this subject.

The lemgoers have not yet planned a possible championship celebration. "Something like this happens by itself," says pfannenschmidt.

"We come to jollenbeck with respect"

Bielefeld (WB/jm). With 26:2 points in a row, the tus 97 bielefeld-jollenbeck has earned the respect of the top of the league. "We recognize the performance of the team. Jollenbeck is playing just as outstanding a season in the handball top division as we are," lemgos coach niels pfannenschmidt pays tribute to the last remaining chaser, but wants to decide the championship race tomorrow. "All that matters to us is winning."

The favored lemgo youngsters, who train five times a week, have the best attack (893 goals), while the home side has the best defense (678 goals against). Who puts on friday evening at 19.30 o'clock in the realschulhalle jollenbeck the more stable coverage, who the stronger goalkeeper team? For guest coach niels pfannenschmidt, the daily form of the teams kern/lehmeier and formella/becker is decisive for the outcome of the game. "Both teams play an identical system with 3:2:1 coverage and fast counterattacks. Small things can make the difference." Pfannenschmidt makes out the greater pressure situation on the host's side. After all, no simple victory would be enough for tus 97 in view of the mortgage of the 33:36 first leg. "You can't talk your way out of this one."
"We're really letting it rip again," can be read on the club homepage of the lemgo youngsters. This does not refer to tomorrow's appearance at dorpfeldstrasse, but to the last home game on 7. May in the lipperlandhalle against tura bergkamen. Whether the following season farewell party mutates into a championship party remains to be seen.
Niels pfannenschmidt is actually more surprised by his own team's top position than by tus 97's second-place finish. "That we would find each other so quickly was not foreseeable. Jollenbeck I had before the season on the reckoning. For me, they belonged to the extended circle of favorites." With left-hander sebastian kopschek, 16-time scorer in the first leg, talks had been held in the preseason. A transfer fell through. "If he could cover properly, he would be rated even higher. But the youngster is more fixated on attacking," says nils pfannenschmidt, who thinks a lot of the jurmker wing play. "We have to watch out for the fast guys."
A promotion of the bundesliga lower division to the 3. League would ideally flank the "certain mood of departure" that he registers in lemgo. "We play an attractive handball. There is a great sense of cohesion evident in the club. Of course we have to live with the suffering of being only a second team. But that is in order. One division higher, our acceptance would certainly be even greater." Lemgos coach is looking forward to this duel "in front of a big crowd. Both teams deserve plenty of spectators and will enjoy the special atmosphere."Pfannenschmidt's tip: "a three-goal win for us. 30:27."

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